Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. No matter where you are we hope you have a wonderful nude time as Avalon.

We live in a huge world with climates that vary from Arctic to the tropics. However with the right heating (or cooling) you can enjoy a nude Christmas. We are lucky in the southern hemisphere as we usually enjoy Christmas by a pool, sea, lake or river. We have frolik nude all day.

However even in colder climates if you can crank that heating up, you can also strip off and have a lovely day nude at home. Or with family/friends if they are willing to try it out.

The most important message though is don’t let life go by. Enjoy every moment with people that you care about. It is pointless trying to impress strangers or people you barely know. Do what truly makes you happy, because that is the real meaning of life. Happiness.

So if being nude is what makes you happy then do as Avalon, and just do it.

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