Something Mysterious

This burnt and barren forest may look dead, but it is full of hidden life. Ravens will come to scenes of destruction and feast on the remains of the dead. Despite such morbid habits, Ravens are beautiful creatures with dark shining feathers. Aria-Bluesky channels this energy into this nude performance art.

Little is truly understood of Ravens, except that they are very intelligent creatures. It is this intelligence that seems almost human like in some ways, that people in the past used to think they were familiars of witches or other supernatural forces.

Their calls are actually a language that we have not been able to decipher yet. They dark beauty, shines in the bright sun, and look macabre in the gloomy overcast light. They scavenge on the dead. Little wonder why people feared them.

There is nothing to fear from Aria-Bluesky. Just admire her beauty and and her ability to turn a scene of death and destruction, into a scene of stunning beauty.

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