Our Humanity

We are all human. We are all one species. If we weren’t, we couldn’t reproduce. We all feel love, laugh at jokes (even bad ones), eat, sleep, cry and dream. We are also totally nude. That is what we are. Aria-Bluesky shares her humanity with us in this beautiful series of photos.

No matter how much we separate ourselves into “tribes” and cover ourselves with masks and try to differentiate ourselves, we are still one species. Our nudity is our common bond. It is that common bond that some groups wish to cover, hide away, so that the masses don’t ever make that connection. Imagine if people of all religions, or all political viewpoints of all ethnicities, saw each other totally nude and saw that we are indeed all the same. That we share an ancient heritage, far older than any religious, or political construct.

No wonder they made nudity illegal. They don’t want us to see the commonality, the futility of endless bickering.

There is beauty in who we are. In our raw form. Although we share so many features, we are still individual and unique. No two people are the same. Even twins. Next time you get angry or upset over something, just imagine the other person nude. Just imagine how they look, and you will see not an adversary, but another person like you.

Aria-Bluesky is a beautiful human being. Not just physically, but as a personality, a human. Instead of nudity being illegal, it should at the very least be optional. Maybe then people will bit by bit see that we are indeed all the same. One can only hope.

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