No one complained about Angel and Star being totally nude!

This tea tree lake near Byron Bay is such a beautiful and natural place. Angel and Star loved the idea of going nude and taking a dip in the soft luxurious waters of the lake. When we arrived, there was already a couple having sex in the lake. So we let them be and went to a different spot.

This turned out to be Star’s very first time being nude in public. She has bathed topless, but never fully nude. So it was a great experience for her. As we entered the water it felt warm, and soft. Yes the water had a soft feeling. It was also very warm, but as we went deeper it cooled a bit, but was still very nice for swimming.

As we began to shoot, we heard rustling in the bushes behind us. Earlier we saw a guy follow us as he crept around in the bushes behind us. We honestly thought is was just some guy wanting to see the girls nude.

So we just ignored him. You will even hear us talk about him the video. As we shot I could still see our bags on the shore. However we moved a little closer to some reeds and lost eye contact with the bags for a minute.

As we headed back to shore we were all in a great mood, having gotten some great photos and just the general feeling of being nude in such a beautiful and natural environment. It was Star who first noticed that her bag was moved, but all her belonging, including her phone where still there. I checked my bag and at first glance it all seemed to be there. Angel said that her phone was missing.

I checked my bag again and sure enough i couldn’t find my phone either. In one of those surreal, disbelief moments I checked my bag several times, thinking that i just didn’t see my phone. Eventually it dawned on me. It as stolen. I saw a glimpse of a guy in the distance in the shrub, but he had a good 50-60 meters head start in thick forest. It became clear that I wasn’t going to find him as it was dense undergrowth and there was just too many way he could have fled.

We made a comparison of the events and came to the conclusion that Angel and my phones were taken because we didn’t have a lock on the phone, while Star did. Moral of the story is, if you see any suspicious person stalking around, tell them to piss off, take their photo, keep your belonging with you at all times, and always have a lock on your phone. Oh and being nude is still the best way to be in such a beautiful place and really the only way to swim

In Fact there were several other people swimming in the lake nearby, some had children with them. All could see Angel and Star where totally nude. Not one person complained or moved away or asked us to get dressed.

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