Truth And Honesty

Truth and Honesty are the two most of the most valuable commodities, because it is so rare to find either in today’s society. Amber-Rose, Misty-Day and Raven are totally nude. They are as honest and open about their nudity as you possibly can be.

Many nudist, artists and industry professionals in the nude sector have come across censorship. Even breastfeeding mums, cancer survivors or any woman wanting to exercise a right that all men have automatically have come afoul of the hidden, secretive censor. Seriously, who are these people that flag, report and censor from the dark corners of anonymity? Why are they hiding if they believe their message is just and righteous?

Why this fear of nudity? Think about it. There are so many lies, so much misrepresentation in our lives, that we have all come to expect it. We sadly just accept it. However nudity represents freedom, and honesty. Lets face it, when someone is completely nude they literally have nothing to hide.

Most nudists and models like Amber-Rose, Misty-Day, and Raven are very comfortable being nude and open about their nudity. Nudists are anathema to those that want to spread lies and hide the truth from the masses. Nudists put it all out there and are seen as very happy while they do. That is frightening to those that have something to hide.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is what is happening everyday on every mainstream media outlet, on nearly every social platform, and definitely on every street. Imagine what people would start to think, if they suddenly saw thousands of nudist uncensored on TV, on the street, every beach, driving a car, happy smiling and without a care about what others thought of them and how they don’t dress. Maybe more people would start to think there might be something good about this nudism thing. Maybe it is okay to be nude, if my professor, boss, co-worker is still capable of doing great work and leading by example, then maybe it is okay for me too. That concept alone is what frightens those that want the status quo. Those that flag, those that ban, those that censor.

Amber-Rose, Misty-Day, and Raven may just be three nudes now, but they are an example of what can be done when you stand up for your right to be nude. As each of them have had to do just that in their personal lives. If they can do it then so can you.

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