Equality Is Everyones Right.

Gay, bi, straight or somewhere in between? What does it matter? Why is it relevant to other people who you find attractive, or who you want to spend your life with? Aeries and Lech show nude sensuality as we bring forward the question of sexual preference versus societal expectations.

Even the word "expectation" sounds like a judgement. That society "expects" certain behaviours from us, or has the right to judge each individual and scrutinise our lives, our values, our freedom even, to me, seems like a clear imposition on our individual right to simply live. Imagine, two people meet, fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Their very presence makes each other happy, and completes them in every way. Four hundred years ago Romeo and Juliet could not be together due to the differences in politics of a house. Not all that long ago (and in some cases today) two different races were not allowed to be together. In India the thought of an upper caste marrying a lower caste is unseemly and forbidden. Today two people of the same sex in most places are still treated this way, they are not allowed to legally marry and do not have the same rights as other married couples.

How have we continued to allow bureaucracy and society tell us who we are or not allowed to marry. In the past, if two people wanted to marry (putting aside family and political issues) all they had to do was be together, make a vow or promise to the each other, simple. They have the freedom to choose to spend their lives together happily married.

What has happened? Why should anyone care who another person marries. Why does this (as much as nudity) cause so many problems in so other's lives. I don't know if Aeries and Lech are straight, bi or gay and I don't care. It is not my concern; it is not my life nor my place to judge. All I know is that they are both lovely, beautiful women who like each other's company and made some beautiful art together.

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