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karla blue socks video
A blast from the past with Karla's video from her "blue Socks" photo shoot
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  • 12th Feb 2020 CORONAVIRUS: Just letting everyone know that as this health crisis unfolds businesses everywhere will have to adapt to any changes. Since we work in person with models we are taking every precaution possible to keep everyone as safe as possible. There may come a time (sooner than we think) when cities and even entire nations will be locked down.

    Under such circumstances it is very difficult (or even impossible) to do photo shoots. In such a situation we may not be able to add new content for a short period of time (site will obviously remain availble to view and enjoy 17 years worth of content at all times) or post more videos from past photo shoots. We are looking at ways to minimise or avoid any disruption that this virus may cause, while maintianing the highest level of safety for all concerned. We do have several photo shoots booked and in the pipe line, both with current and new models (some overseas models), however if things change we need to adapt quickly. We hope you all are prepared as possible and that you all and family, stay safe and remain healthy.

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