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lech nude skater
A sk8ter grrl Lech poses nude near some very colourful grafitti and does a bit of nude skateboarding.

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celeste rose petals
Beautiful and feminine Celeste is a walking art form with her rose petal costume. Another way to be nude, but still adorned. Classy and elegant as always.
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  • 02.04 Some major delays with site rebuild. We have to go back to drawing board as the developer couldn't finish the site (long story). We will accelrate it this time around. On other news, a new show called "Travel In The Raw" will air soon on Nude-Muse. It is a nude travel show which will show all the beautiful places and activities in the South East of Queensland Australia. Also finished filming first episode of season 3 of cooking in the raw. Will film episode 2 very soon and start publishing those in the next 2-4 weeks. We have been far busier than you might think :)
  • 02.04 Several new models coming soon. In negotiations with some amazing new talent. Just shot the first set with Stephanie which will go up soon.

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