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misty-day archer video

There originally was a set that went along with this video. It was meant to be a Katnis inspired series from the Hunger Games, an idea that Misty-Day suggested. However that evening I couldn't find the set on the card, and looks like the card became corrupt and unsavable. So this video has been sitting around and forgotten in the archives. Until now.

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Past Muse


robyn flowing fabric video

A lot of requests for the last video of Robyn from her flowing fabric photo shoot. So here it is.

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  • 02nd Feb 2020 News Update

    To avoid any possible delays in updates with a change of Internet connection, I decided to upload a few extra days of updates as a precaution only. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. If there are any issues and we can't update after the 4th, don't panic, it willget dorted and all updates will be done to catch up.

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