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zoe flying hair
Zoe really lets her hair down...then up, then all over the place. She lets her hair fly free. Sometimes you just have to go a little crazy, and just go with the moment.
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tibbi green fans
With green fans flashing and whirling, Tibbi weaves a kinetic tapistry, captured and frozen for all time in the next 55 photos.

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  • 13th August 2015 New Developer started on the site after having to get rid of the second one. This one finally sounds professional and has laid out a plan, has set his own deadlines and really seems to be on the ball. Stay tuned. This time we hope we will have a new website ready in a few weeks time.....then comes data entry/transfer....
  • 21.05 Stay tuned for more info. Too early to announce but new things coming soon. Site rebuild will happen eventually. Still looking at various options. So much variety out there, but at the same time, so many unreliable people.

New Models Coming Soon

  • Guide Only (dates may change)
  • Tibbi - (returns) 11th Oct 2015
  • Evelyn - 13th Oct 2015
  • Meluxine - Coming Soon
  • Hailey - Coming Soon
  • ???? - More Have Been Booked
  • More - Coming Soon!
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