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scarlett-morgan yellow polka dot bikini

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, that soon came off as Scarlett-Morgan realised that being nude is just simply better. No tan lines, get maximum vitamin D, it feels better, its healthier for you and swimming nude is just the most fantastic sensation ever.

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Past Muse


penni penumbra

Penni is partially lit by a light source, leaving the rest of her in shadow or partial shadow. This is called penumbra. When you see the moon as just a cresent, it is in penumbra. A beautiful art nude series that only lets you see parts of Penni. Only the parts she wants you to see.

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  • 18th Dec 2020 News Update

    Finally have the 4WD, been fitting accessories that will make it a true offroad car so it can get into some pretty tough places. Already filmed a new series of Nude Muse Cooking on a beach, and filmed a new set in a beautiful remote location. All that and much more coming in the new year. Next step is recruiting new models for the new year. Its all go go go here so stay tuned for more as we go. Also remember to keep supporting our efforts by signing up for one of our membership packages.

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