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Bringing a picture to life Stevie is living art in front of another art form.
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  • 16th Aug 2019 Apologies to everyone for not uploading for a couple of days. We did send a tweet out which explained that our miand hardrive where all the files we are working on, died. Unfortunatley it happend on a public holiday here so all the stores that sold replacments where closed. Once we did finally get a new hard drive it was just a matter of downloading the backups and copying some files from a backup drive. Both a very time intensive due to the huge number of files and files sizes.
  • Of course when it rains it pours, and we have also been having major issues with the software that handles the backup. So in the process of doing an ugly workaround just to get the update done for you all. In the mean time working in the background to restore everything so we can actually start working on next weeks content. Already 3 days behind schedule and counting.

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